S.A.R.A. is looking forward to the upcoming Annual Prairie Challenge Fundraiser, th

is event is a non-traditional golf tournament.  For the last 6 years Keith Bath Farms has hosted this fundraiser with a catered lunch and an auction.  

We rely heavily on the donation of auction items from our friends and supporters.  Not only will your donation benefit our agency and the children affected by sexual assault, but it will also benefit your business through the marketing value you will receive from the auction event.  Our fundraiser is very well attended and is supported by people throughout the 13th Judicial District in Colorado.  You will receive promotional value through our online presence (website, social media, newspaper, etc.)  

If you have any questions regarding our agency fundraiser, want to donate or attend with a 4 man golf team feel free to contact us at 970-867-2121 or email us at contact.sarainc@yahoo.com 

Since 2012, the Take Back the Night event has been led by Cassie Potts, licensed professional counselor @ S.A.R.A. House.  This march/speakout gives survivors a voice and helps others find theirs. 

For more information you may contact Cassie by calling 970-867-2121 press ‘3’. 

Check back for updated information or check us out on facebook!


Since 2014, local artists have volunteered their time painting hearts during the beginning of February in Fort Morgan.  The hearts are on display on business windows mostly in downtown Fort Morgan, along with some other businesses that have shown their support to SARA House.  Each year this community awareness project grows and SARA House is very much appreciative of those who chose to display their affection to their loved ones in this way.  Check out some of the art work from previous years!