Top:    Leslie, Meghan, Monica, Rebeca, Shannon, Cassie        Bottom:    Paula, Stevi, Jacque, Deb, Kyela
Approximately 10 years ago, S.A.R.A. House Child Advocacy Center was established to assist in the investigative process of child sexual abuse cases.  It was found to provide a child-friendly, safe, and neutral environment where police investigators and detectives, social workers, mental health therapists, and medical professionals can talk with children and their families in surroundings that would lessen the anxiety of a child who has been victimized or is witness to a crime.  Children and teens who have been sexually or physically abused can tell their stories to trained forensic interviewers, undergo comprehensive medical exams performed by specially trained sexual assault examiners and receive victim advocacy services in a safe, respectful environment as they begin to heal from the trauma they have experienced without being re-traumatized in the process.  S.A.R.A. House is the only child advocacy center in the Thirteenth Judicial District in Colorado.  


418 Ensign St. 

Fort Morgan, CO 80701



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